What is LOOKOUT?

LOOKOUT is a queer-focused newsletter and quarterly magazine that aims to push LGBTQ+ stories to the front of people’s minds. We are a mission-driven news group that keeps an eye on powerful people in and outside of our community, and aims to elevate solutions within the city.

What goes in my membership?

The purpose of LOOKOUT is to build community in Phoenix, which is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, and continues to be the fastest-growing. With that, we aim to provide our subscribers with top-tier news angles that you will only find at LOOKOUT. We also provide a free monthly subscription which will keep community readers engaged and still in-the-know on what is happening across the city’s ever-growing queer community.

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Where do you spend your money?

As a brand-new news outlet in a competitive news market, every dollar you spend will be used to expand LOOKOUT’s readership, pay fair wages to our contributors, and cover the costs of launching our quarterly magazine, which is tentatively planned to publish the Summer of 2023. A small portion of all subscriptions also go to climate-related causes. The goal of LOOKOUT is not to make money, but to spread awareness and empower Phoenix’s queer community to be more engaged. To that end, we keep our subscriptions as cheap as possible to be sure as many people can read the news, while also ensuring future news to come.

Get 60% off for 1 year

Other things you want to know:

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LOOKOUT is Phoenix's ONLY non profit news site dedicated to covering the city and state's queer communities. We publish a weekly newsletter and quarterly magazine.