Work with us


For our magazine launch, we are looking to partner with companies, individuals and businesses who want to get their product or business in front of a mission-driven audience that well-represents the queer communities in Phoenix. Companies or individuals that want to advertise with us should not act (either in financially or publicly) counter-productive to our mission of highlighting, elevating and promoting the progress and acceptance of LGBTQ+ people across the nation.

For opportunities in advertising, please email:


As we gear up for our January 2023 launch, we are actively looking for reporters — seasoned and novice — to pitch stories for our weekly newsletters and quarterly publication, which is slated to launch in summer of 2023.

We are looking for hard-hitting news, solutions-focused features, and investigations that work to elevate queer news that can’t be rivaled anywhere else in the Valley or across the state. Some examples of stories we would buy: a photographic series on pink-washing hostile businesses, a hard-news piece on legislation being proposed that directly or indirectly effects queer people, a profile of a community leader that has a proven solution to youth queer homelessness, or an investigation into police abuse or neglect in South Phoenix’s gay enclaves.

To pitch your story, email a summary (a nut graf and list of prospective sources/data) of the story you are pitching, explain any expertise or experience you have within the queer community or subject you want to write on, and provide at least three clips to writing samples: